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Inclusiveness + Engagement

"Focusing on both together increased the financial performance of a group more than just increasing gender diversity or employee engagement alone." - Gallup

Cultivate helps by measuring your team’s digital engagement and analyzing ways to improve your communication bias.

Get real time and predictive people analytics, engagement analysis, bias risk alerts.

Our AI learns how managers communicate with each employee for personalized feedback.

18% Mark G
38% Marta R
12% Mia L
10% Bill G
12% Dan D
8% Kate K

We cultivate
the manager — employee relationship.

How it works


Cultivate integrates and connects
to your work communication platforms like:

We don't share any of your data.
Only you see it.


We then use our AI, a mix of machine learning and natural language processing, to learn how you communicate with employees at work.

Cultivate not only provides analytics about your work relationships, but also insights and alerts to help better manage your communication bias and your team's engagement.

Advantages of Cultivate

No surveys or constant
employee feedback
needed to understand

Real time analysis,
all the time, powered by AI

Cultivate runs in the
background, no forms or
work to keep the data

recommendations and
benchmarks, not just


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